Gun show

WATCH: Reality show contestant unleashes not-so-secret weapon to get ahead

From the start of his audition, it was clear there was something different about 26-year-old Harry.

“There’s a lot of hormones in the room,” a judge notes as Harry takes the stage, vying for a spot on the BBC’s new show “Let it Shine.” That’s one way of putting it.

The thirsty crowd squeals in delight as the panel of judges grill Harry on the tough questions, like “So you spend a lot of time in the gym? and “How’s your abs?” (Side note: “How’s your abs” might be the worst pickup line ever.)

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To that second query, Harry is all-too-eager to please — with one condition.

“Give me fifteen stars and I’ll take it off,” he says.

After singing a pretty forgettable song, the moment of truth arrives. Will he do it?

Oh please, we have a feeling Harry will use anything as an excuse to take his shirt off. Why would reality television be any different?

Graham Norton, for one, looks pleased.

Watch the dramatic events unfold below: