Here Are Eight Great Things About Being Gay

Being gay isn’t always easy.

Sure, the LGBT community is gaining momentum politically. Same-sex marriage bans are being overturned left and right, but there are still plenty of states that don’t allow gay marriage or have non-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation or gender identity. More and more celebrities are coming out, but there are still many who remain closeted out of fear of damaging their careers and reputations. So there’s work to be done. Still, we’re optimistic. In part because there are a lot of really fantastic things about being gay.

Here are eight great things about being gay…


8. Gay bars

Face it, gay bars are superior to straight bars. The music is more fun, the drinks are more potent, and the people are in better shape (except for maybe at bear bars), not to mention better dressed (ditto). Most importantly, there’s not that awful denigration towards women you see at douchebag straight bars. Sure, we oogle each other, but no one feels subjugated (unless, of course, they want to).


7. Fashion

Speaking of being better dressed, gay men aren’t afraid of taking risks when it comes to our wardrobe. We have a natural ability for mixing patterns. (Granted, sometimes we do it more successfully than others.) We know how to accessorize. And we’re not afraid of bright, flashy, flamboyant colors.

Gay fashion rule #1: It’s not what you wear. It’s how you wear it.


6. Open relationships

While there are certainly plenty of gay couples who practice monogamy, open relationships are much more common (or at least commonly discussed) among gay couples than among straight ones. And, no, that doesn’t mean the gay guys in said relationships are sluts (unless they want to be) or that they aren’t still deeply committed to one another. It just means they’re able to separate NSA sex from real love, and they know how to appreciate both simultaneously without all the petty drama.


5. Grindr, SCRUFF, etc.

Thanks to advent of dating apps, getting laid has never been easier or more convenient. Your next paramour is just a finger swipe (and 235 feet) away. Sure, there are hookup apps for straight people (Tinder and Scout, to name a few), but they haven’t caught on the same way as Grindr and SCRUFF have.

1.1604644. Cher

Go to any Cher concert and you’ll find yourself in a stadium packed with ecstatic gay men dancing and singing along to every song without missing a single lyric (although they miss plenty of notes). We understand the dance diva in a way that most heterosexuals–save for a few suburban housewives–simply don’t. They see a female drag queen. We see a deity. Cher herself acknowledged her influence over gay men in 2013 when she said: “It seems like I’ve always had gay people in my life. In the beginning, I actually thought that ‘gay’ was code for fun.”


3. Unplanned pregnancies

That great fear among horny heteros everywhere in a total non-issue for us. Don’t blame us for those million plus abortions every year!


2. Sexual liberation

While straight men are just now opening up about their love of anal play, gay men have been outwardly embracing it since, well, Adam & Steve. Generally speaking, gay men are more willing to experiment. To celebrate our sexual freedom, we’ve created festivals like Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley Fair. The fact that these outdoor homages to perversion are now being overrun by heteros just goes to show we’ve always been slightly ahead of the curve.


1. The Great Wardrobe Expansion

Perhaps the best part about being gay is that magical moment when you first move in with your boyfriend and realize your wardrobe has just doubled. Or when you realize you can spend extra for that cashmere sweater for his birthday knowing that you, too, will enjoy wearing it. You are always shopping for two.

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