Be my Valentine

These adorable cinematic couples will make you swoon

Real love for LGBTQ couples–the kind that lasts through the end credits, anyway–can prove difficult to find in the movies. Perhaps that helps these particular couples stand out. All find love by the time the movie ends, and get a heartwarming chance to stroll off into the sunset together.

And hey, when it comes to coupling who doesn’t like a happy ending?

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Albert & Armand, The Birdcage

We have to wonder how many viewers back in 1996—or for that matter, even today—realized that The Birdcage, at its core, is a film about a bickering married couple. As Albert, the flamboyant drag queen, and Armand, the snarky cheapskate, Nathan Lane and Robin Williams still have us in stitches. When the two sit together on a park bench and discuss palimony, or sniffle at the wedding of their son, we can’t help but sigh. Prickly as they are, theirs is a relationship of true love.

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