Isn't It Romantic?

Ain’t love grand? Valentine’s Day movies for the queer of heart

Call Me By Your Name

Bowing to social distancing, and in celebration of Valentine’s Day (or Single’s Awareness Day for a good chunk of us), we’ve assembled here a list of some of our favorite LGBTQ romances suitable for snuggling…with or without company.

From heartwarming to hot and heavy, these flicks make us fall in love with falling in love (or at least in lust).

Grab the remote, pour a big glass of wine, and get ready for some good ole’ gay loving.

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Making Love

Hollywood itself came out with this tender 1982 drama. Harry Hamlin plays an out writer that falls for a closeted, married man, played by Michael Ontkean. Director Arthur Hiller, working from a script by out-screenwriter Barry Sandler, handles the coming out scenes with surprising thoughtfulness. Scenes of the two men at their hunkiest add a bonus.

Streams on YouTube.

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