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Charli’s hot new collab, Trixie’s chromatic albums, and a feel-good Rina fantasy

Well, Pride month has come to an unceremonious close; Things aren’t looking great out of the Supreme Court, Proud Boys are still busting up queer events, and those gay flamingos at the Denver Zoo broke up (meaning love just might be dead).

But wait! Before you bring out the homophobic dog memes, let’s take one last look at Pride 2022 and the music it’s left us with. Last week was one of some pretty iconic drops, and this week saw the last of the Pride stragglers getting their hits in just under the wire.

From blonde and pink to red hot, here’s your weekly bop roundup:

“Hot In It” by Charli XCX & Tiësto

For something that leans so heavily into its popularity as a TikTok sound, Charli and Tiësto’s “Hot In It” will definitely have you shaking something. The music video is compiled from TikToks of people feeling their hot girl fantasy to the sneak peek snippet (hot girl of the decade Kerri Colby included), and the feeling is infectious.

“Lesbionic” by Gia Woods

Listen, as much as we love Tracy Chapman and k.d. Lang, sometimes the sapphics just need a glam-bam stunner. Dove Cameron understands this, Hayley Kiyoko understands this, and Gia Woods seems to eat, sleep, and breathe it. In terms of the LGBT community, she gives very much the L’s answer to the T’s Kim Petras (but without Kim’s Dr. L*ke baggage weighing her down). If there’s any justice in this world, “Lesbionic” will find its way to iconic club-hit status.

“Catch Me In The Air” by Rina Sawayama

The “Asian mother-daughter relationship” genre is having a lovely moment this year with things like Turning Red and Everything Everywhere All at Once, and “Catch Me in the Air” is a lovingly uplifting entry to the canon. Lyrics like “Mama, look at us now/High above the clouds/I hope that you’re proud” over an optimistic pop rock instrumental make for a heartwarming moment — especially contrasted with Rina’s last single that had the girls boot-scooting into hell.

“Flowers” by Tayla Parx

Normally someone demanding their flowers while they’re alive feels boast-y, but hearing it from highly accomplished hit-maker Tayla Parx just induces a nod in agreement. She’s written for Ariana, BTS, Nicki, Demi, Xtina, you name it. She’s earned plenty of folks top 40 hits and even some Grammy noms. And yet, even with a gorgeous aesthetic, a bubbly Black bisexual personality, and some really great songs, her solo work goes way less appreciated than deserved. If “abcdefu” can chart, surely Ms. Parx can get some shine.

“White Rabbit” by Trixie Mattel feat. Michelle Branch

Trixie’s Pink and Blonde Albums are finally here! While the word “bop” is getting thrown around like a juul on a pre-COVID dance floor at this point, this maximized joint slay of Americana dragiana Trixie Mattel and Michelle Thee Branch off The Pink Album deserves to be everywhere. Get it? “Everywhere”? Michelle Branch? We’ll be here all week.

That’s a wrap for this week! Make sure to join us this time next week for another bop roundup.

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