It’s an immutable law of nature: Everyone loves an exhibitionist.

Fortunately, Instagram is a breeding ground for their kind; a laschivious laboratory in which men can test the limits of their own inhibitions (and the site’s censorship policies) by parading around in all manner of undress, be it micro-mesh thongs, jockstraps, or penis pasties — which aren’t an actual thing. (Sorry, urethras.)

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the bravest, boldest Instagram fanatics — the men who collected all the likes, raised all the eyebrows, and lost (more or less) all their damn clothing. Voyeurs, start your engines.

Milan Christopher


Openly gay hip hop artist Milan Christopher doesn’t get out of bed unless it’s to break the Internet.

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The oft-naked, always-ogle-worthy star demonstrated that several times in 2017, such as when he chose to strut around in this revealing Halloween costume.

That second image comes with this disclaimer:

Disclaimer to Instagram Staff: this picture is an Artistic painting displaying a Hindu God and my Creative interpretation of the Deity for the Halloween holiday- This Collage was created for comparison & entertainment purposes only and should not be misinterpreted or sexualized – this post is for creative artistic use & entertainment purposes only & because of its artistic, cultural, & historical reference abides by Instagram community guidelines!

However, he doesn’t include any such disclaimer on these images:

Sean Pratt


British reality star Sean Pratt is fond of seducing his ample Instagram fans with slews of revealing pics — but the site decided he just went a little too far and removed one of his images.

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Moderators censored this photo of Pratt going “commando” in a pair of gray sweatpants, and now he’s furious:

“I will never understand why it’s acceptable for girls to post near pornographic pics,” he writes, “yet a bit of cock outline and this happens… pathetic.”

We certainly hope this snafu won’t put a damper on what Sean continues to do best — which is post photos like this:

Olly Murs


In America, we’ve known of nudity for decades — and performer Olly Murs has definitely caught onto the trend.

Earlier this year, the 33-year-old former X Factor contestant posted a vid featuring him bending over in a thong and showing us what he’s got.

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You can check out that particularly epochal moment here.

But if you aren’t psychically and physically prepared to face such wanton displays of ass-out buffoonery, check out some other moments from his Instagram account below:

Steve Grand


It really is a mighty shame that Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, thus puncturing a hole in that oft-touted bit of Web lore: “The Internet is forever.”

If it were, we’d be able to watch Steve Grand strut around in a jock in perpetuity, ignoring those letters from the IRS and the increasingly frantic knocking from our roommates, losing our minds as we try astral projecting into that jockstrap, to understand how it feels to be that close to all things Steve and all things Grand.

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Instead, we’re here at our desk and decidedly earthbound, merely able to share a few stills from Grand’s latest stunt.

Fortunately, the editors at Attitude went buck wild with the screenshot function, capturing some of the best moments from Steve’s story.

You’re encouraged to check those out here. If you find the thought of Grand in a jockstrap simply too hot to handle, be sure to check out some of his other, tamer Instagram moments below:

Sam Stanley

Professional rugby player Sam Stanley became the first English professional rugby union player to come out as gay when he did so in 2015.

When asked if he might return to the sport, he says, “I think at the minute, and how things have gone, not really. … I miss it a hell of a lot.”

However, he hasn’t completely given up hope.

“I’ll continue rehab and see where I am, but at 26 I still think I have a fair bit of time in me.”

In the meantime, he’s living the good life with his fiancé Laurence Hicks. The two live in Sicily, where they operate a posh B&B called Casa Piccolo Paradiso.

Stanley spends much of his time playing house, hanging out with guests, skinny dipping, and posting tantalizing photos to his Instagram page.

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“At the minute, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at,” he says.

We would be, too!

Scroll down for shots of Sam…

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Miles Kennelly


On the surface, it’s a seemingly LOL-worthy brush-up with a social media company’s terms of service: A Harvard undergrad named Miles Kennelly posted some photos to Instagram that were flagged as inappropriate, and were promptly deleted.

But is there a double standard at play here?

The openly gay student who now lives in New York took to Twitter after the photos were deleted to see what people thought:

Then it happened a second time, and Miles went from annoyed to pissed:

“Instagram took down ANOTHER pic bc it’s ‘sexual,'” he wrote before asking: “Would they take down a fully-clothed woman who happens to be busty?”

“They probs wouldn’t,” one commenter hypothesized, adding “They are probs jealous of what you’re packing.”

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Well whatever the case — be it jealousy, prurience or a trigger-happy moderator — after Miles drew attention to the matter, Instagram reinstated the photo.

We know what you’re thinking. Finally — the ripped, white, Harvard students of the world see a little justice. But hey, we’re still glad the pics have returned to their rightful place.

Scroll down for a closer look at this social justice warrior:

h/t GayTimes

Brandon Myers

Brandon Myers isn’t exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to Instagram, but the latest addition to his cache of photos seriously raises the stakes.

Myers — who you can currently watch on the ITV2 show Bromans — decided to photograph himself standing in the bubblebath flanked by four mirrors, one of which is evidently revealing far more than he ever intended. Perhaps.

Is he being a coy little minx, or is this a genuine mistake?

Take a look at the pic and decide for yourself. (Be warned that it’s not safe for work.)

Pretty Boy Karma


How many muscly Greek twins do you know? As of today, we know of exactly two.

Meet Pretty Boy Karma, two 19-year-old Justin Bieber doppelgängers who just auditioned on the UK version of X Factor on Saturday.

To be honest, that audition is, well… it’s face-hurtingly awkward:

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BUT without their cover of Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” we would’ve never heard of Phillip and Achilles, nor discovered their fleshy Instagram account.

Let’s take a look at some highlights:


Diego Oliveria

What all can we tell you about way-handsome, utterly ogle-worthy Diego Oliveria?


His Instagram is becoming a worldwide sensation.

He hails from Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

He’s big on the gym, the beach, partying, and, well, taking selfies.

He’s a fine specimen of supreme gorgeosity who demands your undivided attention.

The thirst is real.

And that’s all we got. But isn’t that enough?

Take a look at him and remember to breathe:

Diamond Ott

Diamond Ott specializes in “providing fitness motivation, nutrition and workout tips,” and he aims to “inspire people to not only achieve their goals but also show their TRU Potential.”

In and of itself, his Instagram account is inspirational in all the ways, demonstrating the benefits of pure hard work while fostering any number of impure thoughts in the viewer.

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Featuring Ott lifting impossibly heavy barbells and subjecting himself to an intense, eccentric workout regime, his Instagram page is worthy of revisitation whenever you find your own motivation lagging.

It will, at the very least, inspire you to follow his page.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

And here are a few from his Facebook page:

Don't forget to share:

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