Rodiney Santiago

It’s been more than 12 years since Logo first graced us with the gem that was The A-List: New York.

Premiering in 2010, the reality series ran for two seasons and attempted to depict the lives of a self-professed elite group of gay movers and shakers in Manhattan.

The cast of the Real Housewives-esque show included resident bad boy Austin Armacost, celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz, casting agent Derek Lloyd Saathoff, salon owner Ryan Nickulas, Lance Bass’ ex- boyfriend/The Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and bisexual model Rodiney Santiago, who was also Reichen’s new man.

Refresh your memory of all the gay dramz:

Rodiney’s storylines mostly revolved around fighting with Austin, fighting with Reichen, going on a date with a woman, getting a hair transplant, and working on various modeling gigs. The entire series was a trip!

Since the show’s demise in 2011, the 41-year-old has dabbled in personal training, starred in the indie feature Scenes from a Gay Marriage, and appeared as the love interest in Drag Race alum Blair St. Clair’s “Easy Love” music video.

With his ripped physique and leading man looks, Rodiney has also continued to maintain a successful modeling career and is represented by Elite Models. He has the ridiculously hot photos to prove it.

Rodiney has also picked up an affinity for meditation and routinely shares inspiring words in hopes of bringing healing to those open to hearing his message.

While Instagram is littered with living Ken dolls thirst trapping with positive affirmations, Rodiney’s dedication to sending powerful prose is as impressive as his musculature.

“Being happy is recognizing that life is worth living, despite all the challenges, misunderstandings and periods of crisis. I’ve learned that to be happy is to stop being the victim of problems and become the author of your own story. It is to walk through deserts outside yourself, but to be able to find an oasis in the outskirts of your soul,” he wrote in the caption of one of his shirtless snaps.

“Thank God and the universe every morning for the miracle of life. To be happy is not to be afraid of your own feelings. Knowing how to talk about yourself, being proud of yourself and not worrying about what others will think of you. Having the courage to hear no. It’s safe to receive criticism, no matter how unfair it is. Being Happy is being you and not what others expect you to be!”

As far as his romantic life, it’s unclear if Rodiney is currently in a relationship. He and Reichen broke up shortly after The A-List: New York ran its course.

Back in 2021, the Latin heartthrob did elaborate on what he looks for in a partner and what he tells people when they ask “why are you single?”

“I say: Because I know what I want! I know my value. It’s about finding someone you’re willing to work for, with somebody who’s willing to work with you…that simple..find someone who genuinely has a heart for you. Make you feel safe, loved, special,” he wrote in another Instagram post.

“I see so many people just jumping from relationship to relationship because they can’t stand being alone. They don’t understand that being alone gives you an opportunity to really grow, and see what you’re made of. You don’t need the relationship to be perfect in order to be happy.” Amen!

You can make yourself happy right now by looking at more of Rodiney’s gag-worthy IG page and then give him a follow.

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