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Melania’s ransacked closet at Mar-a-Lago is becoming almost as infamous as her murdered rose garden

Team Trump will not shut up about FBI agents allegedly ransacking Melania Trump‘s closet during last week’s search of Mar-a-Lago.

In addition to seizing boxes and documents, several conservative media outlets have reported that agents also rifled through Melania’s personal belongings.

In a Truth Social post, Trump accused agents of tearing apart his wife’s wardrobe, writing: “….Just learned that agents went through the First Lady’s closets and rummaged through her clothing and personal items. Surprisingly, left area in a relative mess. Wow!”

Keep in mind, this is just Trump (and right wingnuts) making accusations without offering any evidence to support the claim.

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During an appearance on Newsmax this week, Trump’s attorney, Christina Bobb, continued to push the suspicious closet-ransacking narrative.

Bobb said that she “wasn’t allowed to observe what they were doing or see really any part of the raid” when the agents went into the ex-FLOTUS’s closet.

“They told me I have no legal standing to be there,” Bobb griped. “Those were the words they gave to me.”

“We argued over whether that was true or not, and I explained to them … it’s better for you to allow me to observe because then I can’t say, ‘They kept me out and wouldn’t let me observe.’”

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“I don’t think anybody just takes the word of the FBI anymore,” Bobb added. “But they seem to be OK with that risk.”

Last week, Business Insider reported:

Though it’s not immediately clear if any of Melania Trump’s belongings were among the items seized, any clothing worn for official state events should be turned over to the National Archives after Trump’s term.

“For official events of public or historic significance, such as a state visit, the first lady’s clothes may be given as a gift by a designer and accepted on behalf of the US government,” Joanna Rosholm, press secretary to the former first lady Michelle Obama, explained in a 2014 interview with the Associated Press. “They are then stored by the National Archives.”

Honestly, Melania’s closet isn’t the story here, even though Team Trump would like it to be. They’re just using it as a distraction from the real story, which are those 20 boxes of allegedly highly classified documents that were being illegally stored in a padlocked room in the ex-president’s basement.

On Thursday, Judge Bruce Reinhart, the Florida magistrate judge overseeing the case, OK’d the potential release of a redacted version of the affidavit used by the Justice Department to justify the search.

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The DOJ had argued to keep the document under seal. Reinhart plans to hear more from the department next week about how much investigators want to redact from the affidavit before its potential public release.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Team says they have surveillance footage of the FBI search and they’re thinking about sharing it with the media. Eric Trump told Fox News on Monday that they will “absolutely” release the footage “at the right time,” though he didn’t indicate when that time might be.

We’re guessing we’ll see those tapes around the same time we see Donald Trump’s tax returns (which, BTW, are still under audit) or his health care plan (which, we’re told, he’s still working on). Either that or during his impending criminal trial.

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  • Cam

    I love how right wingers are trying to make a HUGE deal over the fact that Melania’s closet was searched.

    So by their logic, if you are trying to search a house for Drugs, a kidnaped child, stolen goods, etc… all the criminal would have to do is hide them in his wife’s closet because nobody should ever search a wife’s closet?

    Do Republicans understand how absolutely ridiculous they sound?

    • bachy

      The capacity of these clowns to perform a fan dance of evasions around every effort to uncover the truth is astonishing. It’s a case study in high-stakes criminal narcissism, a circus funhouse of smoke, mirrors and fakery.

    • joverit

      Q: Do Republicans understand how absolutely ridiculous they sound?
      A: The stupid homeschooled inbred racist fake-christian returds are clueless.

    • Brian

      Also, as the article notes, clothing given to her for free would’ve been in-scope. So if you don’t want officers touching your clothing, don’t steal clothing. It’s really very simple.

  • Fahd

    Historically, mob figures have hidden assets and incriminating evidence with female associates, their mothers, wives, mistresses, etc. Often, for example, in the movies, the Cadillac is in the mother-in-law’s name or the money is in the aunt’s basement. Melanoma’s closet would be one of the FBI’s first stops.

    How emasculating for the Marmalade Man that he was helpless to prevent the FBI from pawing through the intimate belongings of his wife! (ebay? Instagram? Tiktok?) This hurts his props on the street. I’m thinking we need a future president who can defend the honor of his female associates, not someone like this Loser. (Label as sarcasm for some comment readers who might not get it.)

  • johncp56

    Yes fat boy is worried they gonna find out she is a he, when are they going to shut him up, shameless criminal

  • abfab

    Carmella Soprano was always hiding Tony’s things in her lower vestibule.

  • CNY1983

    Mole-lania sounds like shes got something to hide in that closet.
    none of it will matter she she picks up her orabge jumpsuit.

  • Jim

    Wait wait! Is the take away that Trump has cameras in his bedroom!!!!

  • MHaumesser

    I wanted to see pictures of her destroyed closet! Considering the fact the rePUKElicans never seem to stumble upon the truth you know the FBI tearing apart her closet full of clothes she shouldn’t even have in her possession is nothing more than another lie!

  • seven5tx

    They don’t have to be tidy or clean up after themselves. That is NOT how it works.
    When you cross borders in an automobile customs has the right to take your car apart in tiny little pieces and they DO NOT have to put it back together. They don’t usually do that but do not give attitude or crack stupid jokes, then find out what happens.

  • GuentherBedoo

    Trump bought a fried chicken stand franchise.

    It only serves right-wings and assholes…

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