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Olympian Eric Radford’s latest underwear photo shoot offers quite an eyeful

Eric Radford with his shirt off lying on a white sheet sharing off to the side with an icy blue stare

Eric Radford is one of the most decorated out Olympians ever. And fortunately for us, he’s also prolific poster of thirst traps.

The delicious figure skater and gold medalist posted images over the weekend from his latest seductive photo shoot. In them, the 6-foot-2 heartthrob is standing in a doorway, showing off his perfectly toned frame in nothing but a slim, black turtleneck (tasteful)! and tight white briefs. The briefs, which look gorgeous, are from Thorns Underwear, a premium men’s underwear line.

In the first shot, Radford is standing with his arms crossed, wistfully looking the other way. His bulge is showing.

He knows exactly what he’s doing.

The photo’s captain may read “chill(ly) morning,” but this is one steamy shot. Radford is flawless, from his salt and pepper hair all the way down to his perfect legs. And the best part is, the show doesn’t end there! Radford provides two more pictures for us to lust over.

He’s a three-time Olympic medalist, after all. You don’t reach that level of greatness without going above and beyond. In both pictures, Radford is sliding off his turtle neck, allowing us to peek at his six-pack abs. (Thank you, daddy.)

Go ahead and take another look.

The Paris-based photographer who took these shots, Anthony Pomes, is one lucky man. We can’t tell if Radford is looking at the Eiffel Tower, but he’s certainly causing one in our…

You can finish the rest.

Radford, who became the first out Winter Olympian to win gold in 2018, might have one of the best Instagrams around. His grid is tastefully curated, filled with bewitching portraits. We’re still salivating over his post to open up the Olympics last year, in which he showed off his new tattoo.

Come on.

Radford returned to Olympic competition last year, after initially retiring in 2018. With a new partner, Vanessa James, the legendary pair skater placed fourth and 12th in his two events.

But Radford’s importance goes well beyond his performance on the ice. He’s one of the most visible out athletes on the planet, and the aforementioned photograph sent a strong statement (in addition to his good looks).

Last winter’s games were held in China, which is becoming increasingly hostile towards LGBTQ+ people. There has been an erosion of gay life under Xi Jinping, with perhaps the ugliest known incident happening in 2021, when a soccer star was inundated with abuse after publicly coming out as gay.

Radford wasn’t just in Beijing to represent Canada. He was representing LGBTQ+ people, along with at least 36 other out athletes. For context, when he came out in December 2014, there were only seven–yes, seven–out gay Olympians at that year’s Games in Sochi, and no men.

Radford is a trailblazer, and unabashedly gay. His Instagram is also filled with beautiful shots of his husband, Spanish ice dancer Luis Fenero. They’re a delightful couple.

Scroll down for some more delightful shots…

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