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PHOTOS: 25 hunky Netflix stars we’d love to ‘chill’ with

Shorts sold at a gift shop with the slang phrase "Netflix and Chill" printed on the butt

Netflix is known for making perfect background noise for, ahem, certain activities. But sometimes what’s on the screen is just as exciting, especially if these stars are involved.

The streaming service has always had a knack for casting especially gorgeous men, but it was only in the mid-2010s that Netflix really became associated with sex.

As the phrase “Netflix and chill” skyrocketed in popularity as a euphemism for hooking up, it popped up as the name for a brand of condoms, as the namesake for a New York Airbnb specifically designed for watching Netflix, and even as part of a sign outside Netflix’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California, thanks to some graffiti.

The Mother Ship got hit last night

With its name and sex so entangled in popular culture, it’s only natural that Netflix’s roster of actors would live up to the brand’s reputation. From the eligible bachelors of Bridgerton to the scheming students of Elite, there’s no shortage of beautiful men to binge watch.

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Jonathan Bailey

Bailey made everyone fall in love with him as the swoon-worthy Lord Anthony Bridgerton on — you guessed it — Bridgerton. And it’s a win for the boys: he’s gay in real life!

Regé Jean-Page

Jean-Page is the original Bridgerton heartthrob, having played the brooding Simon Basset in the show’s first season.

Penn Badgley

As Joe in You, Badgley is a terrifying stalker. But looking at him, we all understand how he wins his victim’s hearts so easily.

David Harbour

As Eleven’s adoptive father Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, Harbour made it all too easy to call him daddy.

Joe Keery

As swoopy-haired ladykiller Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, Keery quickly became a fan favorite (for obvious reasons).

Gabriel Basso

Basso made a big splash this year as the star of The Night Agent, an action series where he plays FBI agent Peter Sutherland.

Manu Ríos

Netflix’s international catalog has plenty to offer in terms of eye candy. Look no further than Ríos, who stars as Patrick in the Spanish thriller Elite.

Arón Piper

Or look to Ríos’ costar, Piper, who he has more than a few hot and heavy scenes with. The two will reunite in Netflix’s upcoming thriller series Muted.

Miguel Bernardeau

Bernardeau also starred on Elite as macho man Guzmán, but his latest Netflix role was on the sci-fi drama 1899 as Ángel, a closeted Spaniard with some appropriately steamy scenes aboard a steamship.

Carlos Cuevas

For a more lighthearted Spanish story, check out rom-com series Smiley (sadly canceled too soon!), which stars Cuevas as himbo bartender Álex.

Miki Esparbé

Esparbé plays Cuevas’ love interest, stick-in-the-mud architect Bruno. Now that is how you cast a rom-com.

Ncuti Gatwa

Gatwa is the breakout star of Sex Education, where his performance as Eric Effiong stole the show. Next, we’ll get to see him take on the mantle of The Doctor on Doctor Who.

Hunter Doohan

One corner of the central love triangle in Wednesday, Hunter Doohan as Tyler is a perfect love interest for Jenna Ortega — though in real life, he’s married to a man.

Elliott Page

On The Umbrella Academy, Page plays superpowered violinist Viktor Hargreeves. Offscreen, he’s a shirtless selfie aficionado

Kit Connor

Connor went from adorable to hunky after bulking up between seasons of Heartstopper, where he stars as Nick Nelson. Some fans think he’s preparing to play a superhero — but we’re not sure which one.

Connor Swindells

On Sex Education, Swindells plays Gatwa’s love interest, bully-turned-boyfriend Adam Groff. We may not like what his character does, but we love to watch him do it.

Darren Barnet

Never Have I Ever been attracted to Barnet, aka Paxton Hall-Yoshida. (Okay, maybe I have.)

Rahul Kohli

Kohli plays at-home chef Owen in The Haunting of Bly Manor. Would not be opposed to him cooking me a meal.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Another hunk of the Haunting miniseries, Jackson-Cohen stars as Luke in The Haunting of Hill House and as Peter in The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Henry Cavill

Cavill went all-in for his role as Geralt in The Witcher, proving he’s a stunner whether blonde or brunette.

Steven Yeun

A new addition to the Netflix pantheon, Yeun stars as Danny in black comedy Beef.

Young Mazino

Mazino plays Yeun’s younger brother Paul in Beef — and his impressive physique might have lent the show its namesake. 

Lucas Bravo

Emily in Paris has no shortage of sexy frenchmen for its title character to choose from, and Gabriel, played by Bravo, is one of the hottest.

Lucien Laviscount

Laviscount plays another of Emily’s love interests, Alfie, whose British accent alone is enough to make you melt.

Xolo Maridueña

Maridueña stars as Miguel Diaz on Cobra Kai, and soon he’ll become the DC Universe’s newest superhero, Blue Beetle.

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