Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 2.26.36 PMFor whatever reason, there seems to be a bizarre trend among antigay extremists where they record themselves having meltdowns and then upload the videos to the internet for the whole world to see. The response is almost always the same: Everyone laughs at them. Yet they continue uploading these videos month after month.

One of the most recent and arguably most epic recorded meltdowns came from Pastor Kevin Swanson, who told the audience at the National Religious Liberties Conference last week that he was totally, 100 percent “not kidding” when he vowed to smear poop all over himself if his son were ever to marry another man.

“I’d spread it all over my body!” Swanson screamed. “That’s what I would do and I’m not kidding! I’m not laughing!”

Then he went off on a tear-filled tangent about gay people being covered in “gaping sores” and gay supporters “carving happy faces” into the sores and how “that’s not a nice thing to do!”

This year has seen no shortage of crazy viral videos from some of the craziest of the crazy right wingnuts–paranoid pastors, Evangelical internet trolls, God-fearing housewives, and concerned citizens. Scroll down for the best of the worst antigay video meltdowns of 2015 (so far!)…

Josh Feuerstein

This self-proclaimed antigay “social media evangelist” is responsible for the current boycott of Starbucks by Evangelicals after he recorded this rant accusing the coffee company of waging war on Christmas when it chose not to include any snowflakes or reindeer on its cups this holiday season.

Pastor David James Manning

Since we’re on the subject of Starbucks, Pastor David James Manning of the ATLAH World Mission Church in Harlem earned himself the nickname “Semen Latte Guy” when he accused the coffee chain of making lattes out of semen to attract gay customers.

Kathleen Tonn

While speaking before the Anchorage City Council about a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance that would protect LGBTQ people, this self-proclaimed “representative of Jesus Christ the Great I am” called gay people “destructive,” “unhealthy,” and “ungodly” before pulling a tampon out of the Bible because… Jesus?

Pastor Steven Anderson

This loving father-of-eight from Arizona made headlines when he called for Caitlyn Jenner‘s heart to be ripped from her chest a la Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom, then said she was “perverted” and a “freak,” that he hates her “with a perfect hate,” and that he hopes she burns in hell forever (and ever)!

Josh Feuerstein (Again)

Just days after accusing Starbucks of being anti-Christmas, Feuerstein released a second video accusing the company of brewing “abortion coffee” and being responsible for the “genocide of millions of innocent little babies” because it once gave money to Planned Parenthood during an employee donation matching program.

Becky Wegner Rommel

Last but certainly not least, who can forget the 64-year-old Indiana housewife who took a break from cleaning this summer to record herself literally imploding over marriage equality. The meltdown went on to garner more than 1 million views on YouTube and made Rommel an overnight international internet celebrity.

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