Tim Kaine Also Thinks It’s Absurd That Donald Is Peddling “LGBTQ For Trump” Shirts


There’s absolutely no question that Donald Trump is bad bad bad for queer people. He’s said over and over that he opposes marriage equality, he has zero plans for improving the lives of LGBTs, and he’s surrounded himself with anti-gay extremists. (Compare that to Hillary, who has multiple detailed plans to help queer people at home and abroad.)

And yet … Trump’s merchandising people have the nerve to produce a line of “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirts that you can buy on the site. Of all the messages you can put on your body, why on Earth would you choose one that tells people you’re an easily manipulated lunatic?

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This weekend, Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, pointed out just how bizarre it is for the Republican frontrunner to offer such a product.“Go to the position page [and] search for an LGBTQ agenda. Or maybe I can save you the time — there isn’t one. No mention. It’s invisible. It’s a non-issue. Now, if you go to the store part of his website, you will find a shirt targeted at your community asking for your money.”

Yup, no plan to correct the records of service members discharged under DADT. No HIV policy. No mention of pressuring foreign governments to stop killing queer people. (Maybe that’s because Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, once defended the right of anti-gay countries to imprison and execute gays.)

But hey, you can still get a t-shirt! So Trump can’t be all bad!