Bisexual men exist!
Vaneet Mehta (Photo: @nintendomad888 | Twitter)

Let’s face it… bisexual erasure remains all too real. Even within the LGBTQ community, bisexual people can often face discrimination or prejudice.

Just because some gay men chose to identify as bisexual on their journey to self-acceptance, it can lead them think that all bisexual men must similarly be only half out of the closet. This is simply not the case.

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Fed up with being made to feel his identity is not real, one British Twitter user posted a photo of himself with the hashtag #BisexualMenExist.

“The biphobia towards Bi men recently has been so shit and honestly, in MY LGBT+ history month?! How dare!” said Vaneet Mehta (@nintendomad888). “So I’m bring back #BisexualMenExist for some much needed positivity! Drop a pic below with the hashtag and RT this thread! Allies, also RT! I’ll start!”

The tweet has since gone viral and prompted a huge response, with Vaneet clarifying that those who identify as pan or anything other than mono-sexual are welcome to contribute.

“I use bisexual. But every non-monosexual is welcome! Pansexual, Omnisexual, polysexual, bicurious! Whatever term you want to use, you’re valid!”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, although the US is celebrating Black History Month at the moment, February in the UK is LGBT History Month (with its Black History Month later in the year), so that’s the month Vaneet is referring to.

The pictures started to flood in.

Vaneet told Queerty he was “really surprised” his tweet went so viral.

“I created the hashtag a year ago, during a similar period where there was a lot of biphobia being aimed at my bisexual friends who were men. It got noticed, but not nearly on this scale. I didn’t expect it to trend, or for people to use it to come out!”

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Why, when there are so many bisexual people out there, does Vaneet believe their identities are so commonly erased?

“I think the world we live in likes to deal in binaries,” he said. “You’re either one of the other. Bisexual doesn’t make sense in this world, where our attraction can be to more than one gender. Because of this world, we often get erased.

“Bisexual men are seen to be closeted. Bisexual women are straight and just doing it for attention. We face rejection from society and the LGBT+ community, so people hide it to live an easier life.”

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