Chris Salvatore’s sun hat, Terry Miller’s nude briefs, & Matthew Camp’s all wet

This week Ellen attempted damage control after being outed as “mean,” Kathy Griffin detailed an “unbearably painful” case of Coronavirus, and stay-at-home orders led to at least one British couple’s demise. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Nyle DiMarco stayed home with Coronavirus.

Reality star Ellis Iyayi self quarantined.

Model Felipe Fontora wore bananas.

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Matteo Lane had the beach to himself.

Eliad Cohen made a promise.

Chris Salvatore got some sun.

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And the sun still shines ???

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Locky Brownlie surfaced.

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Daydreaming ?

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Matthew Camp got wet.

Simon Sherry-Wood stayed safe.

River Viiperi had a snack.

Brian Jordan Alvarez smiled.

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Or is it better with context like this

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Jason Derulo flexed hard.

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan took a nap.

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We are sleeping so much better thanks to @cvspharmacy. Since becoming a #CVSPartner on their #DontSleepOnSelfCare campaign, we have learned so much about our sleep habits and ways to get better sleep. Because of that, we feel better during the day! I have more energy and I’m less cranky. I also found my workouts are a lot stronger. Here are some ideas that worked for us: – We stopped watching TV to fall asleep. For years we have watched Family Guy to get some zzz’s but we actually found that meditation is way better. There are a ton of apps you can use for guided meditation, or just good old fashion focusing on your breathing and letting your mind slow down. – No phones 1 hour before bed. I know, I didn’t think it was possible either, but it is! By not checking emails and doing work right before bed, we found our brains were racing less when our heads hit the pillows. – Some days are extra stressful or we have a crazy travel schedule, and we found for days like that, a little bit of melatonin did the trick. It helped us fall asleep and stay asleep when we’re jumping around to different time zones and our clock feels all wonky. Although we are sleeping better, this sleep journey is far from over. We always want to pay attention to our sleep habits and make sure we are getting between 7-9 hours of sleep when we can since it can have a positive impact on our overall health. So we will keep trying new things, and would love to hear what you guys do to get good sleep. So comment below and let us know, and let’s keep on sleepin' on! #DiscoverCVS

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Tommy Dorfman wore red.

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dear diary: today i woke up in my own bed. put on half an outfit and made breakfast. i read @lenadunham first chapter of verified strangers for @voguemagazine, tried to get my dog to eat (she’s had a stomach virus), and am currently redrafting a screenplay, on my fourth cup of coffee. i’m filled with gratitude today for having a home, a bed, and a chosen family to quarantine with. this is not the case for everybody during these dark times and i urge you – with this salacious thirst trap – to help support those in need, if you can. spreading the word is enough. i’m currently putting my efforts into @aliforneycenter and @hopethrusoap – two organizations helping homelessness during this time, in new york city and atlanta.

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Jon Kortajarena warmed up.

Model Taylor Phillips popped a squat.

Brazilian gymnast Arthur Nory worked from home.

Steve Grand threw back to the opposite of social distancing.

Terry Miller wore nude.

William Shewfelt took a dip.

Milk colored outside the lines.

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Big Dipper took it easy.

And Jimmy Fowlie drew on himself.