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Eric Trump may not want to check his Twitter–it’s looking bad

Last week, Eric Trump took to Fox News to once again share his concerns for children in America by bitching about their toys being stuck on container ships ahead of Christmas and blaming it all on Joe Biden.

It didn’t go over too well, especially coming from the guy whose charity, the Eric Trump Foundation, was busted not too long ago for funneling donations intended for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital into his family’s golf courses instead.

That got people remembering some of those other incredibly “dumb things” Eric has said over the years, and boy, there are a lot to choose from.

Just last month he ranted that President Biden has been spending way too much time at his house in Delaware and not enough time at the actual White House. Because he would know.

Or there was the time in February when he blamed Biden for the deep freeze in Texas that left millions without power. Biden had been in office for one month.

Here’s what other are recalling:

At least he’s consistent if nothing else.