Luke Evans’ ship, David Guetta’s board, & Pietro Boselli’s recycled swimwear

This week a gay Chicagoan captured the internet’s attention with his quarantine transformation, Taylor Swift sparked bisexual rumors, and a former Helix Studio star’s racist meltdown was caught on camera. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Tom Zalac sat on the couch.

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Michael Gunning prayed for pools to reopen.

Lil Nas X held himself.

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Todd Sanfield admired his work.

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That’s a wrap

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Noah Centineo felt his face.

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Moving to NY

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David Guetta caught some waves.

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First try !!!!! Brice de Nice ???

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Ozuna danced.

Karamo Brown stayed hydrated.

Victor Borbolla popped a squat.

Brian Austin Green picked some plants.

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Plant protein :))

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François Sagat served lucha libre.

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Drake shed his shirt.

Spanish actor Jaime Lorente Lopez chilled with his cat.

Tom Daley shared his workout.

Keegan Whicker started an OnlyFans.

Billy Eichner stood in the shallow end.

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Pandemic pool!!!

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Luke Evans set sail.

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Gonna miss the boat days. @sagaibiza

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John Duff dreamed.

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Believe in yourself ?

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Pietro Boselli got wet.

Victor Turpin soaked up some sun.

Omar Sharif Jr. gained 19 pounds.

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? Prior to gaining COVID-19lbs ?

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Maluma lay in bed.

Simon Dunn stood in the woods.

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Definitely surrounded by ??????

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Colman Domingo shot in the pool.

Mehcad Brooks gave advice.

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We are transfixed by illusions. Well some of us. Plato describes this in The Allegory of the Cave, in his work Republic. It describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave their entire lives, facing the wall. They watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names and stories to these shadows. Their entire world view is based on the shadows on the wall and the structure of the cave. Eventually they don’t even see their chains as they are not projected on the wall. The shadows are the prisoners' reality, never seeing outside of the cave. Plato called this the lower divided line in which people can only see what is projected into their vision and not the higher divided line which is the intelligible reality. What we call conscious today. #Plato explains, a philosopher is a prisoner who is freed from the cave and understands the shadows on the wall are not reality and they can perceive the true form of reality. The inmates of the cave don’t even desire to leave their prison because they don’t realize they are in one. Plato theorizes that if we were to escape the cave, we would find a world that we could not understand “the sun is incomprehensible for someone who has never seen it.” Experiencing reality would be like encountering another realm, a place incomprehensible because, it is the source of a higher consciousness and purer reality than the one we have always had projected. Unimaginable to a citizen of the constant deception of our reality. This would be the realm of pure form and fact. A #Pureality – perhaps that’s where we are headed to this new intelligible reality, the unseen truths that are self evident yet reasoned beyond by centuries of racism, sexism, classism, propaganda and oppression. Acclimatizing to any #consciousnessshift feels like chaos. Awaken yourself from the prison that you Identify as you. The elaborate game of playing and duality. #justakidfromaustin who wants to see more people leave the cave. . . . . . #blm #blacklivesmatter #mbtalks #mehcadbrooks #tulumbeach #blacktraumamatters #endracism

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Jon Kortajarena walked through water.

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And Terry Miller kept it on.