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Needing inspiration? 10 movies to get you raging for a good ‘ole gay protest

V for Vendetta

Another day, another nutty tweet, more Putin enabling, more smoke from the Trump-GOP dumpster fire.

Resisting the forces of oppression can get exhausting, especially when there are most likely two more even worse ones to follow. Why not take some time out to rest and catch a movie, then?

These amazing flicks that focus on the ongoing struggle and history of equality. You may watch these on the couch but they will inspire you back onto the streets.

Grab the popcorn and the Kleenex, pour a stiff drink and get prepared: you'll need them all at some point.

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3. When We Rise

Oscar-winning writer of Milk Dustin Lance Black penned this mini-series which traces the development of the civil rights struggle from its origins under Harvey Milk through the dark days of the AIDS crisis, and into the era of marriage equality. Though sanitized in places (thank you, network TV), the miniseries still paints an epic and thoughtful picture of the growth of the community and fight for equal rights that Black continues to this day with his screenwriting and daddy activism.

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