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The 10 most iconic viral meltdowns caught on tape over the last 10 years

As we enter into the roaring ’20s, Queerty is looking back on the last 10 years of culture in our “Decade of Decadence” series. We’ve seen an explosion in queer representation in film and TV, music, politics, and on social media. We’ve grown more aware of intersectionality, gender identity, and sexual fluidity and we’ve seen major social and political advancements across the globe. It’s been wild, wonderful decade, and we can hardly wait to see what the next one has in store.

The 2010s gave rise to what is known as the “viral video.” OK, OK, viral videos existed before 2010, but it wasn’t until the last decade that they really went, well, viral.

Thanks to smartphones and social media, videos can now rack up millions of views in a matter of hours. They get shared and re-shared, uploaded onto one platform, and then another, and then another, and then re-shared again, and again.

Sometimes people become famous from their viral videos. Other times they become infamous. Like these 10 bigots who wore their hate on their sleeves and, as a result, have been immortalized by the internet.

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Becky Wegner Rommel

The Christian extremist from Indiana became an overnight internet sensation in 2015 when she took a break from cleaning to post a video of herself freaking out over marriage equality. After the video went viral, Rommel quickly deleted it from Facebook, but not before several other people reposted it to YouTube, where it has lived ever since, racking up millions of views. The video has also inspired countless memes, parodies, and even a few Halloween costumes.

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