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Quiz: How well do you know your gay slang?

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Gay slang is more than just a collection of catchy phrases; it’s a vibrant language that knits the LGBTQ+ community together, offering a sense of belonging and shared identity.

These terms do more than define objects or actions; they narrate stories, embody emotions, and bridge connections, enriching our interactions and fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s experiences.

Venture into any gay bar, scroll through Instagram, or log onto platforms like Grindr, and you’ll encounter a dynamic lexicon that’s as diverse as the community itself.

This year, as Grindr celebrates its 15th anniversary, we’re reminded of the digital spaces that have helped popularize and spread this colorful slang, making it an integral part of our daily communication.

Why gay slang terms matter

It’s about more than just staying trendy or in-the-know. These terms provide comfort and recognition, offering a way to express our identities, experiences, and emotions. They help us navigate the world, forging connections and signaling understanding and acceptance within our community.

As gay slang continues to evolve, it reflects the changing tides of our society and the ongoing journey of the LGBTQ+ community towards greater visibility and acceptance. Each term, new or old, carries the weight of its history and the spark of its potential, inviting us to explore and engage with the language that defines our culture.

So, as you prepare to dive into this quiz, remember that you’re engaging with a living, breathing aspect of queer culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert in gay slang or just starting to explore these expressive terms, this quiz offers a chance to reflect on the language that shapes our community, to celebrate its richness, and to affirm our place within this vibrant tapestry of identity and expression.

Ready to test your knowledge of gay slang?

A young gay man smiling while talking on his cell phone wearing a red denim jacket

Welcome to our fun and insightful trivia quiz designed to test your understanding of gay slang terms!

Whether you already feel well-versed or are just curious to learn more, this quiz promises an engaging way to explore the vibrant language of the LGBTQ+ community.

So, let's dive in and see how well you know these terms!

What is a "side" in gay terminology?

1. Someone who enjoys intimate activities that don't involve penetration
2. A casual relationship while in a long-term relationship
3. A supporter in a competition
4. A dish served with the main course

Someone who enjoys intimate activities that don't involve penetration.

"Side" refers to gay men who find fulfillment in adult activities without engaging in penetration, challenging the common top/bottom dichotomy.

What does "bottom" mean?

1. The person who gets penetrated during adult play time
2. A type of underwear
3. A dance move in the ballroom scene
4. The lower part of something

The person who gets penetrated during adult play time.

The opposite term is "top," referring to the person who penetrates. There's also "versatile" for those who switch roles in the bedroom.

What does "HMU" stand for in text speak?

1. Hot men underground
2. Hit me up
3. High-maintenance user
4. Hold my umbrella

Hit me up.

"Hit me up" is a casual way of asking someone to contact you or get in touch, often used in the context of making plans or initiating conversation.

What does "NPNC" stand for on dating apps?

1. No pic, no chat
2. Not publicly, not closeted
3. North pole, north compass
4. New person, new chances

No pic, no chat.

his abbreviation is used to indicate that the person will not engage in conversation unless a photo is shared, emphasizing the importance of physical attraction or identity verification online.

In gay slang, what does "milk" refer to?

1. Cow secretions
2. A type of cocktail
3. What some gay men call semen
4. A white-colored clothing trend

What some gay men call semen.

The term "milk" is a colloquial and somewhat playful way to refer to semen. It can also be used as a verb.

What does throwing "shade" mean?

1. Being pessimistic
2. Avoiding the sun
3. Installing a window covering
4. Insulting someone subtly or indirectly

Insulting someone subtly or indirectly.

Throwing "shade" means delivering a subtle, often cleverly concealed insult, and it's a term popularized by drag culture.

What is meant by "NSA" in the context of relationships?

1. No strings attached
2. Non-standard agreement
3. National Security Agency
4. Nighttime sleepovers allowed

No strings attached.

"No strings attached" describes a type of relationship or encounter where there are no expectations of commitment or emotional attachment.

What does it mean if someone wants to have a "kiki?"

1. A small, informal gathering among friends
2. A new fashion trend
3. A fruit salad that's at least 50% kiwi
4. A type of cocktail

A small, informal gathering among friends.

A "kiki" is a casual get-together where friends can relax, chat, and enjoy each other's company, often with gossiping involved.

What does it mean if someone is a "gold star" gay?

1. A gay person who has never had romantic relations with the opposite gender
2. A top performing music artist
3. A rare astrological alignment
4. A premium membership status at the local gay bar

A gay person who has never had romantic relations with the opposite gender.

While some wear this term as a badge of honor, it's important to recognize that body counts and romantic history don't define one's identity or value in the community.

What does "FWB" stand for in relationship slang?

1. Friends with benefits
2. Fine white bread
3. Fast web browser
4. Fashionable wrist band

Friends with benefits.

"Friends with benefits" describes a situation where friends enjoy intimate activities without the commitment of a romantic relationship. It's (supposed to be) a casual arrangement without emotional ties.

What does "safe" signify in an adult context?

1. A fan of safe intimacy
2. An approval of a decision
3. A secure place to store valuables
4. Feeling comfortable in a social setting

A fan of safe intimacy.

Emphasizing "safe" in adult contexts highlights the importance of using protection, like condoms or PrEP, to prevent STDs and maintain sexual health.

What does it mean if a drag queen is described as "fishy?"

1. She enjoys seafood
2. She has a pet fish
3. She looks very feminine
4. She wears nautical outfits

She looks very feminine.

"Fishy" is a term used to describe a drag queen who looks exceptionally feminine, like Plastique Tiara, often indistinguishable from a cisgender woman. It's a form of high praise in the drag community.

What does it mean when someone says they "can’t host?"

1. They can't have people over
2. They are too busy to meet
3. They're not available to seat tables at the restaurant where they're employed
4. They don't like parties

They can't have people over, possibly due to roommates or parents.

"Can host" is the opposite, indicating the person can invite someone over for a private encounter. If you can't host, you'll have to "travel" or go to the other person's house or a different location.

What does "bear" refer to?

1. A gay beer bar
2. A large, typically hairy, gay male
3. A dance move
4. A wild animal found in forests

A large, typically hairy, gay male.

"Bear" describes a larger, often hairier man who embodies rugged masculinity. In contrast, a "twink" is a term for a younger, smoother, and often slimmer gay male.

What does the pair of eyes emoji signify in hookup apps?

1. Looking for some adult fun
2. Interested in watching movies
3. Enjoys playing video games
4. Loves to go sightseeing

Looking for some adult fun.

In the context of dating and hookup apps, the pair of eyes emoji often indicates that someone is searching for some bedroom fun or is interested in someone's profile in a more romantic context.

What does a "hookup" refer to?

1. A literal hook that you hang up when you're ready for another drink at the bar
2. Meeting someone and engaging in adult activities
3. Connecting two electronic devices
4. A type of clothing fastener

Meeting someone and engaging in adult activities.

"Hookup" is a broad term that can refer to any form of romantic interaction, often with the implication of being casual or without commitment.

What is a "beard?"

1. A nickname for a grumpy person
2. A fashion trend
3. A person who pretends to be someone's partner to conceal their homosexuality
4. A facial hair style

A person who pretends to be someone's partner to conceal their homosexuality.

"Beard" can also refer to someone used to disguise any non-heteronormative relationship, not just for gay individuals.

What does "PnP" stand for in a more adult context?

1. Poke and prod
2. Party and play
3. Play and pause
4. Purchase and print

Party and play.

"Party and play" refers to the combination of drug use with adult activities, a practice that often carries significant health risks and is a concern within public health discussions.

What is being inquired about when someone asks "into?"

1. Your dietary preferences
2. Your interests or hobbies
3. Your adult bedroom preferences
4. Your favorite music genre

Your adult bedroom preferences.

This question usually aims to understand bedroom preferences to determine compatibility.

What does "DL" stand for?

1. Drag lord
2. Daily life
3. Download
4. Downlow

Downlow, referring to someone discreet about their sexuality.

"DL" often describes individuals who wish to keep their sexual activities or identity secret, particularly in cultures or communities where being open is risky (like if they're married or a public figure).

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Ready to test your knowledge of gay slang?

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