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Usher strips, gay beer & Madonna’s 2012 show: 10 things we’re obsessed with this Super Bowl

Three-panel image. On the left, a blue aluminum beer can. In cursive print, it reads "Gay Beer" in white text, with an illustration of a red ascot underneath. In the middle, Madonna performs at the Super Bowl in 2012. She wears a golden headdress, a golden cape, black gloves, and a wireless microphone. On the far right, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce smiles with his tongue sticking out. He has a brown beard and wears a black baseball hat and t-shirt. His arm is wrapped around Taylor Swift, who has curly blonde hair, red lipstick, and wears a red sweater smiling.

It’s officially Super Bowl season! (Anyone seen the super fork or spoon yet?)

While “sports” aren’t typically front of mind for most LGBTQ+ people, we’ve been strapped to find any news this week not centered on the most-watched telecast of the year.

(Although David Archuleta’s slip-up, Jonathan Bailey’s swimsuit, and Diplo’s circuit party adventures have been welcome distractions.)

Though that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the NFL’s queer cheerleaders, its homoerotic moments and gay AF history, or Patrick Mahomes’ dad bod.

This year, defending champions Kansas City Chiefs go head-to-head with the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. Our country queen Reba McEntire is set to perform the National Anthem, while Usher is taking on halftime show duties.

But who will take home the Super Bowl LVIII trophy?

It just might go to Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend’s team, if the Swifties have any say. The pop star’s relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has captured the nation (and angered conservatives) all season long.

That being said, we just hope both teams have fun.

Whether you’re hitting up a party, watching from home, or biding your time until Gay Super Bowl (the Oscars, duh!), we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week…

1. Gay Beer

Two-panel image. On the left, a blue aluminum beer can. In cursive print, it reads "Gay Beer" in white text, with an illustration of a red ascot underneath. On the right, two different hands each hold the previously pictured can, this time popped open in a cheers.
Image Credit: Gay Beer

Nothing says game day like a “brewski beer.” And if you’re looking for a lager that doesn’t skimp on the fruitiness –– pun intended –– you’ll want to check out Gay Beer. I mean, just look at this can! It’s wearing an ascot!

Gay Beer was born from founders Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore’s desire to honor queer heritage and create a beer marketed at the LGBTQ+ community year-round. Not just Pride Month. Fittingly, a portion of its proceeds benefit LGBTQ+ groups like Housing Works and The Ali Forney Center.

According to its site, Gay Beer is a blend of Vienna Malt and Mandarina Hops featuring hints of honey and crisp citrus, with six to 24-packs available for $18 – $72 online. Bud Light is shaking, and rightfully so!

2. “Go Taylor’s Boyfriend” Sweatshirt

Two-panel image. On the left, a gray crewneck sweater reading "Go Taylor's Boyfriend" in red block letters alongside an illustration of a red football bearing the number "87" in gold. The sweater is pictured next to a tan cowboy hat, autumn leaves, and a Converse shoe. On the right, the same print is pictured on a tan crewneck sweater, displayed on a wooden floor.
Image Credit: Etsy

The media blitz surrounding Swift and Kelce’s whirlwind romance is akin to a high school’s obsession with the quarterback and cheerleader going steady. Except Travis is a two-time Super Bowl champ and Taylor is the biggest celebrity in the world.

Nevertheless, one of my favorite running TikTok gags has been straight girls telling their sport-obsessed boyfriends that Taylor put Travis on the map. The truth is, the NFL wasn’t on a lot of girls’ or gays’ radar until Tay started showing up and Jason Kelce got shirtless. This ultra-soft sweatshirt (also available as a tee and in a variety of colors for $16 – $25 from Etsy) is the perfect way to keep that energy going. And yes, I will be turning it into a crop top when football season is over.

3. Usher’s SKIMS ad

Usher in his underwear. Need we say more?!

If you’re going to headline the Super Bowl halftime show, you need a good pair of boxer briefs and it’s safe to say Kim Kardashian’s brand (which is dropping a new collection the day after the game for $18 – $52) fits him very well.

4. NFL’s A Night of Pride with GLAAD

Three-panel image. On the left, Lance Bass stands in front of a pink screen wearing a Hawaiian print collared shirt opened over a tan and black swirled shirt. He is a white man wearing translucent tan glasses and a smile, with the bleached blonde tips of his dark hair sticking up. In the middle, Black singer Vincint sings into a microphone resting his hand on his knee. He has short bleached blonde hair and wears black leather pants and a maroon suit jacket revealing his smooth chest. On the right, Carl Nassib sits smiling in a tan chair in front of a pink screen. He is a white man with short brown hair and wears a tight fitting long sleeved navy shirt and black jeans. He sits with his hands folded in his lap.
Image Credit: Getty Images

The gays made it to the Super Bowl! For the third year in a row, the NFL celebrated their “commitment to LGBTQ players and fans” by holding game-week event “A Night of Pride” alongside GLAAD. Still, the mere existence of the event (which was hosted by Lance Bass and featured a performance by Queerties-nominated singer VINCINT) was enough to anger right-wingers. But the NFL’s unwillingness to back down speaks eons to the environment they’re working to foster for the next generation of LGBTQ+ players.

Also in attendance were queer former football players like R.K. Russell, Carl Nassib, and Jeff Rohrer who told the audience, “It was very hard to be the first guy in a same-sex marriage as an ex NFL player, especially being a Dallas Cowboy. You think it’s going to be harder, then you learn it’s really not, people are more accepting than you think.” Aw!

5. Kansas City Chiefs Gay Jersey

Two-panel image. On the left, the front and back of a red Kansas City Chiefs jersey. Number 50 is printed on both sides, and the back reads "GAY" for player Willie Gay Jr. On the right, Willie Gay Jr. poses with his arms up on a football field. He's a muscular Black man with eyeblack around his eyes and wears a white headband and a white jersey reading "50."
Image Credit: NFL Shop/Getty Images

OK, this one isn’t exactly for us, but it’s kind of camp. For the uninformed, Willie Gay Jr. is a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and helped the team score a win against the Philadelphia Eagles at last year’s Super Bowl.

And as all players’ do, the Mississippi-native’s jersey ($129 – $169 from NFL Shop) reads his last name: “GAY.” As far as we know, Willie himself is not gay, but that doesn’t mean LGBTQ+ Chiefs fans can’t rock these threads with dual purpose.

6. Rewatching Madonna‘s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you get a group of gay men into a room with YouTube access, it won’t take long for someone to load up a diva’s show-stopping halftime performance. The game has hosted an impressive roster of incredible performers, from Diana Ross, to Gaga, Katy Perry, J.Lo and Beyoncé.

Still, Madge’s 2012 show at Super Bowl XLVI is hard to beat. With ornate costumes, slacklining, appearances by LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and CeeLo Green, it’s an action-packed 12 minutes. Never mind that middle-finger controversy, you simply can’t go wrong opening with “Vogue” and ending on “Like a Prayer.” World peace indeed!

7. Chips, dips, and a bit of gay heat

Three-panel image. On the left, a hot sauce bottle filled with red sauce. On a red label, "Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce" is printed in gold alongside a golden illustration of the eponymous drag queen creator. The sauce is pictured on a wooden table. In the middle, a purple bag of tortilla chips reading "Tostitos Scoops! Party Size." On the right, an attractive tray of purple tortilla chips next to a bowl of fresh green guacamole and limes. In the background, the plastic container open for Trader Joe's "Organic Chunky Homemade Guacamole," printed on its lid.
Image Credit: Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauces/Target/Trader Joe’s

Leave the queso dips and buffalo wings to your more culinarily skilled friends. It’s my personal belief that you can never go wrong with chips and dips at a party or for dinner. I’m not saying grab just any ol’ jar from your local CVS Pharmacy, but I guarantee your snacks will go devoured with some careful curation.

My personal faves? Tostitos Scoops! Tortilla Chips (available at Target and endorsed by gay icons Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon), this delish and low-guilt Organic Chunky Homestyle Guacamole ($4.49 at Trader Joe’s), and the drag queen-created Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauces, also available in flavors like Spicier Smoke and Banjee Ranch for $10 apiece.

8. Super Bowl Games

Three-panel image displaying different downloadable text-based templates for Super Bowl games. On the left, "2024 Prop Bet Game" in black text with logos for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. In the middle, "Big Game Predictions" in black text with indiscernible rules printed underneath. On the right, a green card that reads "BINGO" with logos for companies like Oreo, Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, McDonalds and T-Mobile printed within a grid.
Image Credit: Etsy

The best part of a Super Bowl party, aside from the carb-loaded snacks, is the opportunity to win. And I’m not just talking about your favorite team. These Super Bowl games are perfect for anyone with a competitive spirit (and those looking to make its three-hour runtime go by faster).

Whether you want to try out Swiftie Bingo ($4.99), bet on the game as a whole (with options from $3 to $5), or use the broadcast’s ad breaks as reason to party ($9-$15), there’s an endless array of downloadable templates and scorecards on Etsy. And if all else fails, drink!

9. Starting a fantasy RuPaul’s Drag Race league

If you’re not the fantasy football type (or you’ve lost miserably the past three years in your straight friend’s league), then this game may be more your speed. Bracketology, a free mobile app, runs fantasy leagues for reality TV shows like The Bachelor, Survivor, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can join a public league or compete against friends in your own private one.

We’re only a few episodes into the new Drag Race season and I’ve never been more emotionally –– and financially –– destroyed by a lip sync. Who says sports fans get to have all the fun?!

10. The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift

The vinyl cover for Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department," featuring the singer pictured in black and white laying on a white couch. Her eyes are cut out of frame and she wears a thin black tank top and shorts. The album title is printed in white text. From its sleeve, two white vinyl discs stick out.
Image Credit: Taylor Swift Online Store

If you thought the Swiftie sizzle would die down after the big game, you don’t know the power of Tay –– or her fans. After winning her thirteenth Grammy Award last weekend, the “Anti-Hero” singer revealed her 11th album The Tortured Poets Department (available for pre-order $12.99 – $34.99 online) is dropping April 19.

The record’s mysteriously verbose title is certainly a win for artsy gays and anyone old enough to remember Tumblr aesthetic accounts. And with a track list of intriguingly unhinged titles like “But Daddy I Love Him,” “I Can Fix Him (No I Really Can),” “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys,” and a Florence + the Machine collab, we will be streaming!

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